autologic offers fair and transparent pricing

autologic is anti opaque, subjective enterprise software pricing.

We aim to make it as easy as possible to get started with a free option and as clear and fair as possible for enterprise customers with a pricing model that scales as you do. We do our best to give you the resource to self learn but have seen customers deploy better & faster with our hands our training & support so offer two options around this to get you moving


Build & Deploy in Public
Play in our shared sandbox with your own schema. No limit to functionality or capability but your logic will be visible to others
Get Started
1 User
1 Schema
Unlimited logic
Self Serve & Community Support
autologic branded
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Build & Deploy in Private
Deploy in your own dedicated environment, unlimited schemas, providers, products and users on a single tenancy hosted model.
Get Started
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Schemas
Unlimited Logic
Training & Consulting support
Cloud+25% Pricing Model (learn more)
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Proven outcomes, known costs
Not ready for Enterprise? Get your PoC running sooner with a fixed price for either 3 or 6 months
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Unlimited Schemas & Logic
3 month $10k USD or 6 month $17k USD
No usage charges
Consultancy & Support
Transition to Enterprise post pilot
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Innovative organisations achieve amazing outcomes when they use autologic
Ship new capability up to 4x faster than when you write custom code
Save up to 80% versus the cost of defining and writing custom code
* Based on existing customer deployments

"It literally wouldn't be possible for us to operate our award winning platform without autologic"

Vincent Turner
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"autologic made things possible in record time versus coding it all ourselves"

Ross Sharman
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Companies build amazing capability for their customers, partners and users when they have autologic
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