Build complex calculations.
‍No code.

A cloud based engine that lets your non-technical people build and maintain the complex calculations & logic to power any customer or internal tool you can imagine.
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Empower the people who understand your business but aren't software engineers

Build complex logic quickly. If you can build in Excel you can build in autologic
Lets your marketing or product people build for the customer without heavy reliance on engineering
Supercharge your digital agency freeing them to focus on design and user experience instead of backend logic
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What could I build with autologic?

autologic can be the logic behind virtually any tool or process but here are some specific examples we have seen already

A tool to help a customer work out which credit card is best for their needs from a range of different credit card providers
The lending decision for a home loan process the customer just applied for include a risk based price calculated in real time
The documents needed to complete a settlement for a home loan process
The insurance premium the customer will pay in a renewal tool used by the call center
A tool to illustrate the environmental impact and payback period for the solar system the customer is considering financing
The specific questions to ask the customer making changes to their investment allocation to ensure adherence to your compliance process
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Move incredibly quickly


Setup in minutes

Streamlined onboarding and fully managed solution requires no upfront investment

Build complex logic in days

Paired training and support will see your non-technical people building logic within days

Ship autologic powered tools in weeks

Integrate via simple API calls. This is the only thing engineers or your agency needs to code
we power thousands of calculations for users every single day

Key Features

Simple to learn
If you know excel you'll understand autologic in an hour or so and should have built your first set of products within a day or so
Incredibly powerful
By combining simple building blocks you can build logic with astounding complexity and extend it over time as your needs change
Unlimited Schemas
Don't be constrained by off the shelf datamodels, datatypes or rules. autologic lets you design any level of complexity into your schema
Excellent support
Online, self-serve, pair training and consultancy services all available to accelerate your onboarding
Secure & Scalable
Powered by Google Cloud and deployed via single tenancy your autologic instance is 100% yours
Built in Controls
Test suites, change audit history and granular user controls ensure you're logic is always accurate
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Introducing our innovation in enterprise pricing


autologic is anti opaque, subjective enterprise software pricing.

We aim to make it as easy as possible to get started with a free option and as clear and fair as possible for enterprise customers with a pricing model that scales as you do.
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