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"autologic made things possible in record time versus coding it all ourselves"

Accurassi launches a customisable solar quoting tool in under 3 months.
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Sydney, Australia

Accurassi had developed a beta version of a solar lead generation tool and was faced with an initial customer opportunity, who needed their own customisation and business rules implemented.  There was no availability from the development team to deliver against this.  Accurassi chose autologic to empower their Product Manager to build the complex logic in a no-code environment.  This resulted in a working product and meant further customisations could be pushed to this and other customers in the future.  This delivery was achieved in a short period of 3 months and removed the burden (and costs) on engineers having to write the logic in custom code.

About the Customer

Accurassi is a technology business that works with energy retailers, solar installers, governments and banks.  They are the trusted leader in digitised customer acquisition for the energy market. Accurassi’s vision is to be the world’s most customer-focused energy tech company, designed for our net-zero future. 

Customer Problem

Accurassi, the leading provider of energy comparison technology in Australia, wanted to move beyond energy comparison and start helping retail energy companies help their customers to move to solar.  A working beta version was shown to customers with a strong appetite to buy.

Key to the customer making this decision to buy was being able to adapt the beta version to take a whole range of inputs specific to the customer’s situation, such as house location, solar availability, relevant wholesale energy prices and details about the household and using this to accurately determine the best solar solution for them, the costs, payback periods and associated environmental impacts.  As such, Accurassi needed to build in the inputs for the data but also the logic for the calculations in a short amount of time.

In late 2021 they secured their first customer for this new capability and needed to rapidly build and integrate a range of their existing capability with a whole new set of calculations. Other than the timeline of less than 3 months the other major challenge was the complex logic was being designed by non-engineering people (Product Managers) and implementing it in custom code represented both short term risk to the project and long term risk to the business.

How could the business rapidly prototype with basic models and then iteratively make the logic more complex over time as the solution went live with initial customers?

Customer Solution

autologic was introduced to Accurassi via their investors and the founder of Accurassi immediately saw the potential to put the capability directly into the hands of the Product Manager. 

Within a matter of weeks with only a handful of one on one training sessions, our product manager was able to build out the first version of the logic she had designed.  I also wanted to validate autologic and built some carbon calculation APIs in a few days - this validated autologic delivered on what was promised.

I was able to build a complex set of calculations and business logic in Autologic for one of our products in a short period of time. This saved us a ton of development time! - Julia Park, Product Manager

Within 6 weeks the engineers were in a position to start integrating into the logic and over the coming weeks the complexity and accuracy of their logic improved and their ability to build without any assistance grew. 

The solution saw all the new, custom logic housed in a single tenancy deployment of autologic which ensured that the CTO was happy that the logic was secure and highly available to the platforms that depended on it

Customer Results

Accurassi were able to build more complex models than previously envisaged and did so without any engineering effort. The required logic was built and deployed ahead of schedule by their team. It was so effective that Accurassi is now exploring two more applications to be powered by autologic.

As a former developer, I had never experienced the benefit of a no-code solution like autologic first-hand until now.  The power of having non-technical people in your business deliver technical outcomes is empowering to the business as it is faster and more cost effective.

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