Introducing our innovation in enterprise pricing

How it works

Cloud costs + 25%

The ethos is that we want autologic to be the fastest, least expensive way to build, maintain and extend complex logic. To achieve this we are committed to a ‘cost plus’ model approach to pricing

To this end we have partnered with Google Cloud as our dedicated infrastructure partner and deploy our customers into dedicated project folders under a single tenancy approach which means two things

We can attribute the specific cloud resource usage to each customer on an individual basis
We can continue to leverage Google’s infrastructure to scale each environment as our customers needs scale.
Our commercial model for enterprise customers is to simply pass through the exact resource cost from Google Cloud and then add our fixed margin of 25% to this price to determine your monthly autologic bill

That's it. No secret handshake, no opaque pricing page, no different day, different answer

More importantly this also means that as we collectively scale and as cloud infrastructure continues to get cheaper this is passed through to our customers

What might my bill be?

In practical terms this means if you have a lightly used instance (hundreds of users a month) you are likely to see a bill of a few hundred dollars. If you have a moderately used instance (thousands or tens of thousands of users a month) you’re likely to see a bill in the low thousands of dollars. If you are expecting hundreds of thousands or even millions of monthly users you should talk to us so we can work with Google to help you better understand likely pricing. 

What if I need certainty of costs?

For some enterprises certainty of cost is critical to budgeting, we get it. If this is you then we can offer a fixed price pilot of either 3 or 6 months as a Proof of Concept around the tool you have planned and can use this to properly estimate your likely usage and underlying resource cost. From here you can adopt our Cloud+25% model or we can work with you to negotiate a more traditional pricing structure with price and usage certainty

Google Cloud is proud to support autologic and its mission to help customers harness the full potential of cloud for faster decision-making. With Google Cloud, autologic's customers can fuel data-driven transformation with speed, scale, security, and reliability at the core." - Google Cloud
A word from our founder

"autologic aims to ensure it is always cheaper than building & hosting your own logic"

We found from our experience across decades of building financial services companies that if you rely on custom code to power your business logic you create huge risk and technical debt as well as upfront cost so it is our aim to ensure it's always cheaper to build and host your logic on autologic
Vincent Turner


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